Mentor: dr. sc. Ines Carović

Method: On the workshops, participants will learn through the exercise how to adjust their voice and achieve good speech-based diction. The outcome of these well-established exercises is reduction of fear and anxiety in public appearances. These exercises are to be a day-to-day training for voice professionals, as well as for anyone who uses voice in a business performance, because their voice is the most important tool in their occupation. Taking care of voice is necessary as a prevention in order to avoid numbness, dry throat and mouth, or even complete loss of voice, which is often the basic tool in the profession you are dealing with.

Listening to speech as a “passive” part strongly influences the ultimate experience on a journey and it is necessary to be aware of its constituent parts (focus, anticipation, imagination, sub vocalization, selection, logical control, speaker pattern). In business, speakers should be especially aware of all speech listening processes so that they can affect the ultimate experiential and cognitive performance of their clients. On the other hand, they need to know more about their audience (age, gender, education, past experiences, expectations…) in order to better adapt their business appearance and exposure. It is not said in vain: There is no bad audience, but only speech disproportionate to the audience!

Aim: Adjusting voice and good speaker diction for public speech

The workshop is intended for: to anyone who wants to find out what the phonetic status of their voice is, how to properly use and keep or change it if necessary; to all who want to perfect their pronunciation, to adjust tempo and rhythm of speech, to become aware of the expressiveness of speech and proper breathing as well as the volume and the diction, but also to reduce the fear and discomfort in front of the audience, to collaborate with the auditorium and recognize the dynamic of their audience.

Time: by arrangement.

Individual work with a mentor or a group up to 10 participants.

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