Performing Arts

Why are actors in need of professional improvement?

Acting, as one of the most complex arts, is not only a reflection of talent, but primarily a harmonious set of elements that considers emotions, thoughts, will, intuition, inspiration, and the physical body — a whole that represents a chief performing instrument. Still, to achieve craft mastery, this instrument needs to maintain its form, just as a muscle that needs to be regularly trained. The actor needs to work with multiple factors simultaneously in order to succeed in reaching high quality, quickly. Relying on technique built up through experience is a temporary solution that loses its resilience and reliability during periods of rest.

StudioChekhov is a platform that offers ideal conditions for the preparation of roles, with a program dedicated to the systematic and continual development of an actor’s creativity.

Create acting skills and use them with ease

StudioChekhov is the only acting studio that offers systematic professional training and continual development of acting skills in Croatia, with the purpose of refining artistic self-expression. The program of the Studio and its methodology is shaped to respond to the everyday needs of the acting profession: simultaneous engagement in various categories of production, limited time to prepare different roles. Today, at the very first rehearsals, alongside familiarizing with acting partners and the script, actors are expected to have completed a characterization of the role, while understanding other elements of each project.

As per its core program, the space of StudioChekhov is intended for actors striving to improve their acting personality, whether preparing roles independently, or with the assistance of a mentor of choice. In a broader context, the Studio was conceived as an artistic home for the creative development of actors, directors, writers, dramatists, as well as other performers and producers.

International workshops in English

StudioChekhov is a member of the Michael Chekhov Europe Training Program — a continuous training for actors that takes place twice a year, with international mentors, actors and directors from Europe and the USA. Periodically, we hold international workshops dedicated to different acting techniques and methods, such as the Sanford Meisner Technique, vocal techniques, and a number of other contemporary and traditional methods that assist actors in expanding their artistic self-expression.

“The art of acting” program