Life is as a stage illustrated with events of public presentation. From the beginning of socialization, we are brought before more and more complex tasks and responsibilities in formal communication, which consequently bring out fear. Uncertainty, lack of self-confidence, in short — stage fright — are all fears connected to the notion of failure. As a result, these fears cause difficulties in verbal communication, such as lazy speech articulations, poor voice setting, and unsuccessful dialogue. On the other hand, poor posture silently expresses those disadvantages that we would rather hide. In this vicious circle of cause and effect, the central factor is uncertainty, which complicates communication in professional surroundings. The reason for that isn’t an innate disadvantage, but rather the unwillingness, or lack of use of your performing instrument — mental focus, voice, articulation, posture, but also inappropriate choice of clothing.

Overall performance

StudioChekhov offers consulting in acquiring overall public performance skills by strengthening voice control, speech, posture, gesticulation, and advising personal styling. As the final effect of this program, what is developed is positive, directed energy emanation during public performances, where the speaker is more presentable, open, and cordial. That is precisely the state in which people become more convincing and successful in conveying messages: they become articulated, skillfully using their body and gestures, with harmoniously casted voices and a pleasant outer appearance.

Learn how to activate your public performance tools for successful communication

StudioChekhov’s program for business performance is divided into two: obtaining presentation skills and methods of public appearance. It is intended for all professionals who wish to credibly and effectively communicate within business environments – managers, politicians, TV hosts, journalists, doctors, lawyers, designers, architects, debate clubs, and similar.

StudioChekhov offers ideal conditions for those preparing for public appearances.