Suzana Nikolić

About us

Suzana Nikolić, Artistic director of StudioChekhov, is a renowned actress and professor at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb. She works as an internationally recognized and certified acting pedagogue of The Chekhov Technique, which she learned directly from Michael Chekhov’s pupils in the United States —Joanna Merlin, Jack Colvin and Mala Powers. Through 20 years of effective implementation, she perfected the Technique. She is co-founder of the association Micheal Chekhov Europe (MCE), and the only highly experienced representative of the Technique in Croatia and its neighboring countries. She has organized and conducted many international eductional workshops in the field of acting, simultaneously carrying out lectures at professional events across Europe, Israel, Taiwan and the USA. The creative work of Suzana Nikolić is characterized by constant refinement. Believing that the process of continual research is of extreme importance in every profession — especially artistic – it serves as an endless well of fresh knowledge, the interaction of theory and practice. Since 1993, she has been in frequent contact with Cicely Berry, one of the oldest vocal coaches in England and the world, who’s workshops she has attended numerous times. Suzana Nikolić spent almost an entire decade researching the Lee Strasberg Method in practice and theory, after which she turned to one of the most exciting acting techniques — that of Michael Chekhov. Her first practical and experiential encounter with this technique was in 1998 in New York, while she was a Fulbright scholar at the New York University Tisch School of the Arts – Graduate Acting Program. There, she had the privilege to take part in classes at prestigious American conservatories such as The Actors’ Center, Stella Adler Studio of Acting, and The Julliard School.

About Michael Chekhov

Michael Chekhov was an outstanding actor, director, pedagogue and author of one of the best guidebooks for actors ever published in European tradition. For all these reasons and many more, he is a key figure of 20th century theater. He had a special gift for characterization and transformation, and he was a passionate observer of the creative process in acting. Together with K. Stanislavski, E. Vahtangov and V. Meyerhold, he strived towards inspired acting. However, with his example in acting, he was far more courageous than others, pointing out that the job of an actor isn’t in solely bringing segments of himself to the part. From his perspective, acting includes one’s own imagination, thus expanding the horizons of a character’s distinction, aiming for the effect of a life changing experience for the audiences. The process resulted with the formation of an original acting method, where the “Psychological Gesture” is particularly emphasized as a completely unique element of the technique.

Some of the actors who learned the Technique directly from M. Chekhov were Ingrid Bergman, Lloyd Bridges, Jack Colvin, Gary Cooper, Clint Eastwood, Joanna Merlin, Marilyn Monroe, Patricia Neal, Jack Palance, Gregory Peck, Mala Powers, Anthony Quinn. With their exceptional acting achievements — Johnny Depp, Anthony Hopkins, Ben Kingsley, and many more — testify the quality of Chekhov Technique to this day.

The Space of StudioChekhov — A Haven for Productivity

StudioChekhov is situated in a bright and spacious minimalist interior, created for reaching optimal concentration and delivering efficient work. Primarily intended for professional actors to practice preparing roles, it also invites other practitioners of the theater, TV, and film production. Upon appointment, the space of the Studio is available for individual or group work, with the added option of engaging one of StudioChekhov’s collaborating lecturers.


StudioChekhov is located on the second floor of Gajeva 10, Zagreb. Users are welcome to utilize the large hall and smaller working space, changing rooms, kitchenette, bathroom equipped with showers, and toilet.