Mentor: dr. sc. Ines Carović

Method: At the workshop, a speech coach will alert each participant of his or her advantages and disadvantages regarding voice and pronunciation. Furthermore, on the basis of improvisation, speaker status will be described. Participants will find out what to know before the very structure of speech and what to think about in speech preparation (initial speech design). The method will briefly present theoretical presentation of an ideal speech structure with an emphasis on the areas that attract attention of the audience (creating interest in the subject and affection for the speaker, the story, the effective ending, humorous parts). There will also be talk about the main part of speech and corroborations (facts, data …). With professional expert supervision and training, attendees will get instructions on how to become a clear, well-articulated and intelligible speaker in the various situations they need to deal with (large audience, camera, presentation …). In the practical part, participants will be able to perceive essential parts of the structure in provided examples of speech, and apply them on their own speech. Such workshops are primarily aimed at raising awareness of what clients have, but providing guidance on performing lectures, seminars and presentations.

Aim: Achieving clarity in speech, good articulation and intelligibility in different speaking situations.

The workshop is intended for anyone who wants to refine their presentation in unpredictable speaking situations (actors, TV hosts, managers, entrepreneurs, bankers and freelancers).

Time: by arrangement.

Individual work with a mentor or a group up to 10 participants.

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