NON VERBAL COMMUNICATION (continuous program)

Mentor: Suzana Nikolić

Method: The non-verbal signs are all those signs you notice, and they are not the speech itself – those that can not be distinguished from speech, paralingvistic signs such as the color of the voice, tempo, speed, strength, pitch of the voice … The extrinsic non-verbal signs are mimicry, gesture, position and body attitude, style of dress and appearance of the speaker, the spatial relations among the interlocutors, the layout of space in the classroom and the layout of the space where the speech is held, the use of objects as signs, backslash and accompanying sounds, even scents. For the speaker in a business presentation, it is extremely important to be recognizable and well-suited to space, but also to adjust their nonverbal signs depending on the size of the auditorium, space (open / closed spaces, noise …). For every speaker, it is important to understand speaking and listening decorum, and this part of the workshop will be dedicated to it.

Aim: Perfect gesture, mimicry and control of nonverbal signs in different situations

The workshop is intended for anyone who wants to learn to coordinate their non-verbal expression and signals, recognize non-verbal signs of the auditorium and adapt to them, become aware of and use their position in front of the audience and the space used in the business performance to master the settings of the verbal decorum.

Time: by arrangement.

Individual work with a mentor or a group up to 10 participants.

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NON VERBAL COMMUNICATION (continuous program)

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