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Mentors: Denis Bosak & Iris Tomić

Subject: The workshop Introduction to the Michael Chekhov Technique teaches you about the interconnectivity of the psyche and body through various psycho-physical exercises. Thanks to these exercises, participants obtain a system of practical acting tools and skills which, when applied correctly, allow the actor to discover their authentic personality and develop characters in a relatively short amount of time. Chekhov’s method isn’t only of a technical character. All its elements go beyond the intellect, personal experience, and the shallow concept of “producing art”; rather, they open a door to one’s creative potential. For decades, Michael Chekhov developed his Technique so that he could strengthen actors’ creative individuality and encouraged a balanced mental and physical life. The individuality of an artist and a sense for entirety is not only important for actors, but for all performing artists. In fact, both are linked with every form of creative work.

Aim: Offering a professional and direct approach to broadening one’s imagination and deepening practical tools for further attaining creative work.

Basic tools: Concentration / Imagination and Incorporation / Psycho-physical & Imaginative Approaches to Developing a Character / Archetypal Gesture / Psychological Gesture / Characterization / Centers / Qualities-Sensations-Feelings / Atmosphere and Individual Feelings

The workshop is intended for: performing artists — actors, directors, playwrights, dancers, singers, musical producers, as well as other professionals. The workshop is meant for all those who truly wish to apply a highly creative approach to their own environment, whether it be architecture, painting, social work, etc. Participants are expected to be open, with an artistic curiosity and willingness to actively work using their entire body. Working on and according to the Technique by a selected dramatic text will culminate with a production in the spring semester.

Saturdays 15:00-18:00 – Technique exercises & work by dramatic text

Group size: minimum 8 participants, maximum 12 participants.

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