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Mentor: Irma Omerzo

About the program: The Feldenkrais Method is a unique practice that helps the attendee raise awareness about own body so that he/she can learn how to use it in the most efficient or economic way possible. Thanks to its effectiveness, precision, and subtlety in the knowledge of the movement of the human body, the Feldenkrais Method is one of the most frequent somatic practices in the world.

Aim: Supplementally support the work and preparation of dancers, actors, singers, musicians, athletes, i.e. all those whose body is in any way an instrument of their work. Also, the aim is to apply new insight into one’s movement in everyday life so that he/she can become comfortable in their own skin.

Method: Through a series of lectures «raising awareness through movement» (ATM), mostly in a laying position, the attendees develop their own perception of their bodies in a way that they feel, notice, and comprehend their movements and the use of their own bodies. The suggested lessons stimulate the nervous system for the purpose of better reorganization of the body posture, mainly the bones, in order to achieve greater mobility, injury prevention and trauma, and easier functioning despite the mild dysfunction of individual body parts.

The workshop is intended for: all, regardless of physical predisposition and age, or whether or not the attendee is accustomed to physical exertion.

Time: Thursdays from 9.00 AM to 10.00 AM

Group size: maximum 12 participants.

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