“ME” IS THE OTHER (Characterization II, Module 4)

Michael Chekhov Europe Training

Menthors: Jessica Cerullo, Jesper Michelsen and Suzana Nikolic

“All true artists bear within themselves a deeply rooted and often unconscious desire for transformation.” (Michael Chekhov)

When children play games, we can observe this desire to transform and to change – they lose themselves in play and fully commit themselves to another world.

The “Other” (i.e. the character in a play) is always bigger than the personal experience of the performer. Michael Chekhov therefore asks us to look at the differences between the character and ourselves rather than at the similarities. If we dive into the inner and outer world of this other person, we will discover a whole new world and will find ourselves in a new light.

A profound movement training combined with the awareness for the images you create through movement is the base of this module. Participants will experience the connection between inner images, emotional authenticity, and the creation of truthful characters.

Period: 05.02.-10.02.2020.

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“ME” IS THE OTHER (Characterization II, Module 4)

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