YOUTH ACTING CLASSES (age 16 and over)

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Mentor: Nadia Cvitanović

About the program: The acting workshop takes place in three phases – Self-improvement, Text and Character Analysis and Demonstrative Class

Aim: Raising awareness of one’s own body and voice by developing specific qualities of each individual participant. Accepting oneself.

Method: In the first phase, attendees participate in concentration exercises and relaxation to obtain focus and find a “neutral” body position. Finding one’s neutral body position is the focal point of the workshop. It is crucial for moving on to the second phase, which is dedicated to acting, such as working on dialogues, situations, and characters. This phase is particularly helpful to attendees who are preparing for a career in acting. Mastering the neutral body position, along with text and character analysis help participants become aware of the differences between themselves and the characters they play. The main intention is raising awareness and accepting oneself.

The workshop is intended for: professional actors and those preparing for a career in acting, age 16 and over.

Time: to be announced soon.

Group size: maximum 14 participants.

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YOUTH ACTING CLASSES (age 16 and over)

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