StudioChekhov is a platform of systematic approaches designed for advancing artistic skills and public speaking. Through these performers transcend the ordinary, making impactful connections with their audiences. Establishing contact with others, as well as our environment, is an essential human need. Still, effective communication requires continuous effort and the evolution of form, with functional use of creative tools and one’s own performance character. The program of StudioChekhov is partially intended for international audiences. It aims to improve and effectively refine the actor’s creative process in performing. The program is also designed to improve public speech and media presentations of managers, TV hosts, journalists and politicians.

StudioChekhov is part of a large international family (MICHA and MCE), which is dedicated to nurturing and perfecting the acting technique of the Russian-American actor and director Michael Chekhov (1891 – 1955), recognized as one of the most important actors of the 20th century.