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Mentor: Radovan Ruždjak

About the program: The workshop is focused on the interaction of man and electronics. The collaboration considers electronics that offer something unpredictable to the ears. The participant needs to focus in order to recognize the slight variations within the sounds that electronics produce. In that way, they can develop sounds that the world has not heard yet.

Aim: The goal is to show children the beauty of collaboration between man and electronics.

Method: At the workshop, children will be taught about the basics of synthesis on a modular synthesizer and the waveforms that are produced by an oscillator. Participants will be visually presented with an oscilloscope and be able to see how the waves pass through different types of filters. In that way, they can be formed by a classic envelope into a real synthesizer voice. After that, each participant can change the parameters and get an insight of the extent and possibility of modulations and individual expression through the seemingly simple settings of the synthesizer itself.

The workshop is intended for: children and youth from 16 to 25 years of age.

Time: Tuesdays 19:00 – 21:00
Dates: 20th & 27th March and 3rd & 10th April 2018

Individual work with a mentor or in groups up to 10 participants.

The workshop will rotate and take place once a week for two hours.

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