VOICE – workshop

Mentor: Marina Petković Liker

The workshop teaches participants how to connect with their own voice and free themselves of stress by discovering strong bonds between the body, emotions and voice. The freedom of our voices is influenced by many exterior and interior factors. Often we become too quiet when we should be loud, and many times we force ourselves to speak loudly when we need to stay quiet. We are prone to suppressing what our voice would like to express in everyday communication. We don’t express what others find needless or incomprehensible, and what we believe overly reveals us, could hurt others or ourselves. Unexpressed thoughts and emotions build up within us. Some people never give themselves the chance to free their real voice without fearing what others will hear, or whether it will be acceptable to them.

The workshop will be held on Tuesdays, 16:30-18:30, from October 5th to December 21st 2018 (total of 10 workshops)

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