The Architecture of Performance: Improvisation – Composition – Style

Dear friends and colleagues, we are very excited to present to you Michael Chekhov Europe Training Programme that will be held in StudioChekhov located in Zagreb,Croatia in February, 6th to 10th, 2019:

Module 6
The Architecture of Performance:
Improvisation – Composition – Style
Faculty: David Zinder and Jesper Michelsen

Improvisation as Art is the core of the creative process. It includes curiosity to take risks, to open up for the unknown and surprising as well as the skill to shape the given material – may it be text, movement, music or space. Creating and rehearsing a play, choreography or a musical score, needs a strong sense for Rhythm and Tempo.

This is where Composition comes into play. “In nature and art, there are mathematical laws and principles that structure and balance form.” (Mala Powers)

This Feeling for Composition creates contours and gives the expression of ideas, dialogues, movements, shapes and colors a deeper meaning and visible form.

“An actor working with a Feeling of Style attempts to capture the special nature of a play, screenplay or scene.” A Moliere comedy demands a different approach to a Greek tragedy, a Brecht drama or a “realistic” dialogue.
In this module you will meet and work on different genres like Mask work, Clowning, Physical theatre as well as classical literature.

Rehearsing and directing Text, Movement, Masks – Improvisation – Devising – Composition– Tempo-Rhythm – the Pause – Style – Applying the technique to different Genres.

Time: 06.02.2019. – 10.02.2019.
Every day from 10:00 do 16:00

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