Youth Studio

The world resembles a stage overflowing with events that ask of us to clearly and precisely present our ideas, thoughts and knowledge – inevitably evoking fear from within. Uncertainty, lack of self-confidence, in general – stage fright – are all fears connected to the notion of failure, which manifestly complicate verbal expression through lazy speech articulation, poor voice set, and bad posture. This vicious circle of cause and consequence derives from a deficiency of self-confidence which can flourish through StudioChekov’s professional program, adapted for adolescents between 14 and 18 years of age.

Artistic Education for Youth

StudioChekhov’s youth education program is implemented through games, with an emphasis on studying domestic and foreign literature using creative reading, acting improvisation and development of the imagination. It focuses on solving stage fright, shortage of concentration, as well as difficulties in communication, listening, speaking, and mild cases of dyslexia.

The workshops are held in groups led by professional actors, in Croatian.