May 2018: Auditioning – the other side of the table

Preparing attendees for mastering all segments of the auditioning process, from film media to acting processes in specific, uncontrolled casting conditions.

The participants are taught the basics of preparing for an audition by familiarizing with all segments of casting: how to write a résumé, choose photographs, and proper attire, how to prepare for the unexpected aspects of auditions, how to recognize a wide range of creative opportunities provided by each audition, how to gain self-confidence through various exercises. Participants are taught fundamental film vocabulary, the basics of film terminology, and communication with the director and colleagues on set.
Participants master non-verbal communication before the camera, which contributes to the credibility of thoughts and emotions that are captured. The participants are taught how to achieve a consistency in acting within the inconsistency of film time, space, and shooting in different film formats.

The workshop is intended for: all actors (professional and amateur) who wish to master the skills and knowledge of acting in front of a camera, prepare for an audition or film role.

Time: May 6th 2018, from 10.00 to 16.00 h.

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