Auditioning – The Other Side of the Table

Mentor: Sanja Vejnović

The participants are taught the basics of preparing for an audition by familiarizing with all segments of casting: how to write a résumé, choose photographs, and proper attire, how to prepare for the unexpected aspects of auditions, how to recognize a wide range of creative opportunities provided by each audition, how to gain self-confidence through various exercises. Participants are taught fundamental film vocabulary, the basics of film terminology, and communication with the director and colleagues on set.

Participants master non-verbal communication before the camera, which contributes to the credibility of thoughts and emotions that are captured. The participants are taught how to achieve a consistency in acting within the inconsistency of film time, space, and shooting in different film formats.

The workshop is intended for: all actors (professional and amateur) who wish to master the skills and knowledge of acting in front of a camera, prepare for an audition or film role.

Saturday, March 9th 2019  / 16:00 – 20:00 h
Sunday, March 10th 2019  / 16:00 – 20:00 h

Individual work with a mentor or in groups up to 10 participants.

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