Grožnjan 2017 - Međunarodna ljetna radionica Michael Chekhov

11th Michael Chekhov International Summer Academy – Psychological Gesture – Characterisation I

Michael Chekhov Europe Training
The Chekhov Technique in 6 modules and 1 project

Michael Chekhov International Summer Academy

29th July – 4th August 2019, Groznjan, Croatia

Jesper Michelsen, Denmark
Suzana Nikolić, Croatia
Cynthia Ashperger, Canada
Jobst Langhans, Germany 

The Psychological Gesture is probably the most famous tool of Michael Chekhov’s acting technique. It is a psycho-physical movement that awakens the actor’s inner life. It serves as a key to the essential or hidden features of the character and enables the actor to express and embody the character’s objectives in a new way. Stirring our will power, the Psychological Gesture gives the will a definite direction, awakens feelings, and gives us a condensed version of the character and their relationships.

A profound movement training combined with the awareness of the images you create through movement is the base of this module.

  • Objective Gestures and Qualities: The ‘What’ and the ‘How’ ● Objectives ● Psychological Gesture of Character ● Archetypes ● Relationships ● The Character’s Breath ● The Character’s Spirituality ● Scene Study ●

For your preparation, please learn a short monologue or scene from The Tree Sisters, A. P. Chekhov.

Participants come from different countries all over Europe. The meeting of different cultural backgrounds and the common desire to investigate, to inspire and to learn, create a very unique atmosphere of the Michael Chekhov International Summer Academy.

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