10th Michael Chekhov International Summer Academy

Communion with the Audience: Giving – Receiving – Sharing

5 – 11 August 2018, Groznjan, Croatia

What is it that we in the theatre give? Instead of images on canvas or in the form of statuary or music, we give our body, voice, feelings, will, imagination – we give a form of pulsating art to life itself.” (M.Chekhov)

Whatever we create on stage, we are creating not for ourselves but for others: for the audience. We want to give. If you create a production or a piece – what are your intentions and aims? What are the questions of your audience? What do you have to give them? Does your technique help you to meet the real needs of your audience? And do you enjoy giving? Are you generous? We will explore these questions “on the floor”, which means: through physical action.

● Giving, Receiving, Sharing ● Listening ● Objective ● Physical articulation ● The Voice of the Ensemble ● Attitude and Gesture ● Complicity ● Generosity ● 

For your preparation, please learn a short monologue or scene from Bertolt Brecht’s play “The Good Person of Szechuan”.

Participants are coming from different countries around Europe. The meeting of different cultural backgrounds and the common desire to investigate, to inspire and to learn, create a very unique atmosphere of the Michael Chekhov International Summer Academy.

Ted Pugh, USA
Jessica Cerullo, USA
Dawn Arnold, USA
Jesper Michelsen, Denmark
Ulrich Meyer–Horsch, Germany
Suzana Nikolić, Croatia

General information and application form can be found at this link.